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Shipping and Payment

We send the parcels via the DPD courier company. All parcels are carefully secured and packed in thick carton. The elements inside the parcels are put in bubble foil. The stickers “Warning: vertical” and “Warning fragile contents” are the additional information.

Where we deliver

  • AT  AustriaPrice from: 15.00 EUR
  • BE  BelgiumPrice from: 15.00 EUR
  • BG  BulgariaPrice from: 12.00 EUR
  • CZ  Czech Rep.Price from: 12.00 EUR
  • DK  DenmarkPrice from: 25.00 EUR
  • EE  EstoniaPrice from: 15.00 EUR
  • FI  FinlandPrice from: 25.00 EUR
  • FR  FrancePrice from: 25.00 EUR
  • DE  GermanyPrice from: 25.00 EUR
  • GR  GreecePrice from: 21.00 EUR
  • HY  HungaryPrice from: 15.00 EUR
  • IE  IrelandPrice from: 30.00 EUR
  • IT  ItalyPrice from: 25.00 EUR
  • LV  LatviaPrice from: 15.00 EUR
  • LT  LithuaniaPrice from: 15.00 EUR
  • NL  NetherlandsPrice from: 25.00 EUR
  • RO  RomaniaPrice from: 12.00 EUR
  • SK  SlovakiaPrice from: 15.00 EUR
  • SI  SloveniaPrice from: 15.00 EUR
  • ES  SpainPrice from: 25.00 EUR
  • SE  SwedenPrice from: 30.00 EUR
  • HR  CroatiaPrice from: 25.00 EUR
  • PT  PortugalPrice from: 30.00 EUR

Delivery Time / Delivery Costs

We do our best to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Please look at the table above for the information on delivery time, delivery costs and the available options:

  • 2-3 working days


You have the right to cancel your order within 14 days from the day on which you withdraw from the Sales Agreement. The goods are then returned to our warehouse Please send the goods to the address below:

Romania, Bacau, Str.I.L.Caragiale no.6, 600064


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